Simina Farcasiu is an entrepreneur with interests in energy finance, software, and aviation. She has spent the bulk of her career in finance, starting in investment banking and going on to investment management. She was born in Romania and had the good fortune to escape the Communist dictatorship of Ceausescu when she was a child. She is devoted to the US Constitution and to the principles of due process and the legal foundations of liberty and civil society. 

Beth Lorenz, Attorney:  Beth earned her undergraduate degree in Public Policy from Duke University and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was both a member of the law review and a legal writing instructor. She worked as an attorney in private practice, where she helped school districts to comply with desegregation orders, and for the Department of Education, where she worked with DOE program staff to draft and revise regulations regarding a broad range of educational programs and standards. After leaving the DOE to raise three children, Beth volunteered in the schools her children attended, served on her town zoning board, and volunteered as a court appointed advocate for foster children.

Beth has been volunteering for FACE since 2015 because she is concerned about the current climate on college campuses created by overly broad definitions of sexual misconduct, unfair investigation and disciplinary processes that do not protect the rights of accused students, and the absence of penalties for false accusations.  

As a former Department of Education staff attorney, Beth is particularly concerned about the overreach of the April 2011 Dear Colleague letter issued by the DOE Office for Civil Rights, which mandated changes in campus policies and procedures for handling sexual misconduct allegations, including the use of the very low preponderance of the evidence standard of proof, without going through notice and comment rulemaking.  

Sheena Monnin is the CEO of Custom Life Design, a rapidly growing consulting business that specializes in taking Psychology to the workforce and improving management, employee, and customer relationships. Sheena is the author of ‘Hands on the Wheel: Getting Control of Your Life’, a self-help book for those who struggle with boundaries, manipulation, and busy-ness. Sheena was Miss Pennsylvania USA 2012 and knows firsthand what conflict and bullying feels like due to the subsequent Miss USA controversy and lawsuit. Sheena has her Master’s degree in Psychology and has enjoyed a 14 year membership in Toastmasters International, is a recent member of Rotary International, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. 

Shelly Guest Cermak, attorney: Shelly is an attorney in private practice in Alexandria, Virginia, focusing her practice in patent law. She represents clients before the US Patent and Trademark Office in the prosecution of patent applications, as well as counseling clients on patent validity and infringement issues. A member of the District of Columbia and Maryland bars, she earned her law degree from the University of Baltimore and has been in practice for over 20 years. Shelly also holds Bachelor and Master degrees in biochemistry and pharmacology, respectively. Her clients include small start-up companies, government agencies, and large multi-national corporations.

Shelly became involved in FACE upon learning about the injustice of campus disciplinary procedures for those accused of sexual assault, and became particularly concerned about the lack of basic due process and lowest standard of proof most college students face upon being accused of sexual assault. She is also particularly concerned about the expansive definition of sexual assault being applied in campus disciplinary procedures, and the devastating effects the sanctions have on those found responsible via these unfair procedures. 

Margot Pinto is currently at stay at home mother of 4 with advanced degrees in law and clinical social work. She currently sits on the boards of the Denver Scholarship Foundation and the Breakthrough National Collaborative. As a woman of color with three sons she has long fought battles of racial injustice. She became interested in FACE as an extension of the work that she has done to promote equality.

Anne Hendershott has spent the past 30 years teaching on University campuses—first, as an Assistant Professor and later, as a tenured Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of San Diego.  In her research, she has focused on deviant behavior moral panics—and the damage it has caused.  She has published books on deviance, and several book chapters and articles about the moral panic surrounding campus sexual assault, and allegations of sexual assault in the military.  Today, she leads the Veritas Center for Ethics in Public Life at Franciscan University where she publishes articles in the “public square” in an effort to reach a broader audience than that of academia.  She has long admired the courageous work accomplished by FACE and is honored to play a small role in finding justice for those falsely accused in this most horrific moral panic.  

Margot B. Schonholtz, attorney:  Margot has been a practicing lawyer for more than 35 years.  She applies business, financial, and legal expertise to prevent and resolve complex and contentious commercial litigation and commercial bankruptcy matters.

Margot’s affiliation with FACE results from her belief that no institution of higher learning should impair or destroy any person’s future based on arbitrary, inconsistently applied mandates from the government.  During the time her sons have been college students, she has seen the evolution of rules governing sexual conduct on college campuses which violate basic precepts of justice in America.  Margot’s goal is to help upgrade procedures to ensure that the rights of both the accuser and the accused are protected, while affording due process to the accused and justice to the accuser.

Margot married in 1981, and she and her husband raised three sons in Brooklyn, New York. 

Dianna Thompson is a nationally recognized expert on families, stepfamilies, and divorce-related issues, and is a longtime advocate for the falsely accused. She learned about and became involved with FACE while lobbying and testifying against California’s affirmative consent law and similar federal laws.  An author of opinion pieces on sexual assault, Dianna has been quoted in the media and on radio shows.

Dianna believes that students who have been falsely accused of sexual assault on college campuses don’t receive adequate due process protections and face biased school tribunals that require only the lowest standard of proof and use overly broad definitions of sexual assault, all of which often result in expulsion from their colleges.  Dianna states, “These destructives laws and policies come at a time when we’re already seeing college male dropout rates climbing and their college completion rates falling.”  She hopes to use her political background and media experience to help restore due process rights on college campuses and to eliminate the devastation experienced by falsely accused students and their families as a result of these laws and policies.

Since 2010, Eric J. Rosenberg has represented dozens of falsely accused students in university disciplinary proceedings across America.   In the majority of these cases, Eric and the attorneys at his firm helped their clients obtain a “not responsible” finding after being falsely accused of sexual misconduct.  Eric has also represented falsely accused students in state and federal court proceedings in Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, California, and Minnesota.  The university and false accuser defendants in many of these lawsuits settled these lawsuits pursuant to terms that allowed Eric’s clients to put the nightmares of being falsely accused firmly behind them.   In addition, Eric’s clients benefit from his dozens of jury and bench trial which included a defamation verdict of over $1,000,000.00 in general damages, attorney fees, and punitive damages.  When not practicing law, Eric enjoys spending time with his twin daughters and volunteering on various social justice projects.  For instance, from 2008-2012, Eric served as Executive Director of Trade Justice Mission - a non-profit creating economic development opportunities for trafficked, impoverished, and marginalized women in Asia, Africa, and North America.   

Kimberly Lau, Partner at Warshaw Burstein, LLP  concentrates on Title IX, college disciplinary actions and commercial litigation. Kimberly has represented nearly 100 student clients in disciplinary proceedings and lawsuits to combat gender discrimination at major colleges and universities. Kimberly launches a vigorous defense to exonerate her student clients and obtain fair and unbiased treatment they deserve. An author of several expert opinion pieces, her articles, “The Ironic Results of the ‘Dear Colleague Letter’ on the Observance of Title IX on College Campuses,”  "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Another "Nail in the Coffin" For The Wrongly Accused,” “Is There A Rape Culture On College Campuses,” and “What Every Student Needs to Know About Sexual Misconduct On Campus” were published by many news organizations. Kimberly believes in the mission of FACE“. . . because there is an inherent inequality that needs to be addressed with how students accused of sexual misconduct are being treated on college campuses. Throughout my active representation of countless accused students, I have seen firsthand how these individuals have often fallen victim to false charges, and have also become victims of the very college system they have grown to trust.”

Susan Kaplan, attorney at The Kaplan Law Office.  Ms. Kaplan represents students and faculty accused of sexual assault and Title IX violations and retaliation and she and her partner, Charles Caranicas, have extensive experience in state and federal courts litigating discrimination actions.  She has helped resolve and settle Title IX controversies and has won a preliminary injunction against a professional school’s suspension of a student just weeks before he was to graduate.

Prior to being a lawyer, Ms. Kaplan, who holds a PhD, was the founder and Director of the Institute Honors Program at the Virginia Military Institute, where she also counseled and represented students accused of violating the college’s iconic honor code. As such, she brings a unique perspective to campus disciplinary actions.  

Ms. Kaplan has spoken at various symposia about the legality of Title IX, including the Joint National Conference of the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA), the Second Annual Symposium on Representing Students Accused of Sexual Assault, and addressed fallacies and biases in Title IX tribunals at SAVE’s panel on Campus Sexual Assault: Bringing an End to Second-Class Justice 

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The mission of FACE is to advocate for equal treatment and due process for those affected by sexual misconduct allegations on campus and to support those students and their families through outreach and education.

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