This list contains the names of law firms and attorneys who have represented students accused of sexual misconduct by their colleges or universities.

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Holder|Susan|Slusher LLC

Christopher A. Slusher – Partner
Mr. Slusher regularly represents students in disciplinary proceedings involving allegations of Title IX violations of sexual harassment and sexual assault.  Mr. Slusher has been a successful criminal defense attorney for over 25 years having represented clients in over 80 jury trials ranging from capital murder, sexual assault, and harassment.  He combines his extensive criminal defense experience with a strong knowledge of Title IX law to aggressively assist students who stand accused by colleges or universities across Missouri.  

107 N. Seventh St.
Columbia, Missouri 65201
E-Mail:  Christopher A. Slusher
Telephone:  573-499-1700
Web:   www.midmissourilawyers.com



Agee Owens, LLC

Michelle Owens
Ms. Owens is a Partner with Agee Owens and has been practicing since 2007. Her practice is focused on university and college disciplinary matters and other areas of administrative law. Ms. Owen’s background in school social work uniquely qualifies her to assist in these areas. Michelle holds a Masters Degree in Social Work as well as a Law Degree. Before attending law school, Michelle was the Director of Counseling at a private high school in Nashville, Tennessee and served as the president of the Independent School Counselors Network. While she focuses on university students, Michelle also takes disciplinary matters involving high school and middle school students..

3340 Perimeter Hill Dr., Nashville, TN 37211
Email: Michelle Owens
Office: 615-300-8546
Website: www.ageeowenslaw.com



Conrad O' Brien, PC

Patricia M. Hamill
Ms. Hamill represents college students who have been suspended, expelled from, or otherwise disciplined by their colleges following disciplinary hearings for alleged sexual misconduct or other alleged student code violations. Ms. Hamill often attempts behind-the-scenes resolutions to cases to avoid litigation, and where resolution cannot be achieved, files lawsuits against the colleges on the basis that the college’s investigation and adjudication procedures failed to ensure these students’ fundamental due process rights, discriminated against them on the basis of sex, and breached the school’s contractual obligations with respect to its handling of misconduct allegations. Ms. Hamill was a featured speaker at the recent symposium Navigating Due Process and Title IX Issues in Campus Sexual Assault Procedures: Constitutional, Statutory, Contractual, and Tort Considerations.

Center Square, West Tower, 1500 Market Street, Suite 3900, Philadelphia, PA 19102-2100
Email: Patricia M. Hamill
Office: 215-864-8071
Cell: 215-421-2795
Website: www.conradobrien.com



DLA Piper

Charles B. Wayne
Mr. Wayne has extensive experience in the area of sexual misconduct proceedings conducted by colleges and universities, and related litigation. To date, Mr. Wayne is the only lawyer to take a case to trial where the accused student challenged the validity of the sexual misconduct procedures employed by a college or university (John Doe v. University of the South, 4:09-cv-62 (E.D. Tenn.)). DLA Piper was a co-sponsor of and Mr. Wayne a featured speaker at the recent symposium Navigating Due Process and Title IX Issues in Campus Sexual Assault Procedures: Constitutional, Statutory, Contractual, and Tort Considerations.

500 Eighth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004
Email: Charles B. Wayne
Office: 202-799-4253
Cell: 202-253-4431
Website: www.dlaiper.com



KaiserDillon PLLC

Matthew G. Kaiser
Justin Dillon
KaiserDillon has been handling campus sexual assault cases since 2010, and has successfully represented students in the campus disciplinary process and in federal courts around the country. We are recognized as nationwide experts in these cases and have written about them in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Time, The Boston Herald, and UT-San Diego. Mr. Kaiser also was a featured speaker at the recent symposium Navigating Due Process and Title IX Issues in Campus Sexual Assault Procedures: Constitutional, Statutory, Contractual, and Tort Considerations.

1401 K Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005
Office: 202-640-2850
Website: www.KaiserDillon.com
Email: Justin Dillon
Email: Matthew G. Kaiser



Nesenoff & Miltenberg LLP

Andrew T. Miltenberg - Partner
Mr. Miltenberg currently counsels over a dozen male students falsely accused of sexual assault in college and university disciplinary proceedings and is also handling numerous federal court lawsuits on behalf of such students. Mr. Miltenberg is one of only a few attorneys nationwide considered an expert in this area, and he has been quoted widely in the national media on the need for these students to be afforded due process in their disciplinary proceedings. Nesenoff & Miltenberg, LLP was a co-sponsor of the recent Symposium entitled Navigating Due Process and Title IX Issues in Campus Sexual Assault Procedures: Constitutional, Statutory, Contractual, and Tort Considerations.

363 7th Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Office: 212-736-4500
Website: www.nmllplaw.com

Andrew T. Miltenberg
Email: Andrew T. Miltenberg



Rosenberg & Ball Co. LPA

Eric Rosenberg
Since 2010, Mr. Rosenberg has represented college students falsely accused of sexual assaults on college campuses. In addition to guiding students through college disciplinary hearings, Mr. Rosenberg has filed numerous civil lawsuits on behalf of students. These lawsuits seek to expunge all references of an alleged sexual assault from the student’s academic record (and) remedy damages the student suffered as a result of being falsely accused of sexual assault. As of October 2014, seventy-five percent of Mr. Rosenberg’s clients dismissed their lawsuits after reaching confidential settlements with the defendants involved.

395 Pearl Street, Granville, Ohio 43023
Email: Eric Rosenberg
Toll Free: 888-680-6797
Cell: 740-644-1027
Website: www.rosenbergball.com



Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP

David Duncan
Ruth O'Meara-Costello
Norman Zalkind
David Russcol
Naomi Shatz
Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein has decades of experience protecting students’ rights in college and university disciplinary proceedings, appeals from disciplinary sanctions, and related criminal cases. We represent students charged with violations of their schools’ codes of conduct and honor codes, ranging from allegations of cheating or plagiarism to sexual assault and crimes of violence. We have been very successful in having charges against students dismissed, reduced, or settled favorably to our clients at university disciplinary hearings.

65A Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02110
Office: 617-742-6020
Website: www.zalkindlaw.com
Email: Norman Zalkind
Email: David Duncan
Email: Ruth O'Meara-Costello
Email: David Russcol
Email: Naomi Shatzl



Engel & Martin, LLC

J. A. Engel
Joshua Adam Engel has represented and advised students nationwide.  The Firm has represented and advised students from coast to coast, including in New York, Ohio, Texas, and California.  Engel & Martin is  lead counsel in a number of high profile matters, including important appellate cases before the Federal Fifth and Sixth Circuit Courts of Appeals.

A cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and a former prosecutor, Engel has been recognized as one of the leading attorneys in this field. He has twice presented at nationwide symposiums on this issue in Washington, DC.  Engel uniquely combines experience in three important fields: civil rights, school disciplinary proceedings and criminal defense.  In addition, Engel joined 19 attorneys from around the country to send a letter to key Senate sponsors of the Campus Accountability and Safety Act (S. 2692), expressing their concern that the proposed legislation does not adequately protect the due process rights of students who have been accused of a campus sexual assault.

Engel has published a number of law review articles on constitutional issues and is a frequent speaker on cutting-edge legal issues.  He has been recognized by numerous media organizations as one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in this area, including the New York Times, Washington Examiner, and Columbus Dispatch.  Notably, Engel has also been quoted extensively in the publications read and respected most by school administrators, Inside Higher Ed. and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

5181 Natorp Boulevard, Suite 210
Mason, OH  45040
Email: engel@engelandmartin.com
Website: www.engelandmartin.com 
Twitter: @engelandmartin



Warshaw Burstein, LLP

Kimberly C. Lau
Ms. Lau has represented nearly 100 student clients in disciplinary proceedings and lawsuits to combat gender discrimination at major colleges and universities. Ms. Lau regularly serves in a critical advisory role during student disciplinary proceedings. She possesses a detailed knowledge of the federal and state laws affecting educational institutions, which enables her to successfully represent clients, and address their disciplinary records. As an expert in Title IX law, Ms. Lau was a featured speaker at a Symposium in Washington, D.C. entitled, “Navigating Due Process and Title IX Issues in Campus Sexual Assault Procedures: Constitutional, Statutory, Contractual, and Tort Considerations.” Ms. Lau regularly writes articles on issues facing higher education institutions, including, "The Ironic Results Of The 'Dear Colleague Letter' On The Observance of Title IX on College Campuses," "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Another "Nail in the Coffin" For The Wrongly Accused,” “Is There A Rape Culture On College Campuses,” and “What Every Student Needs to Know About Sexual Misconduct On Campus.” Ms. Lau is consistently quoted in the national media on her pending lawsuits and her case successes in this area.

555 Fifth Avenue  ·  New York, NY 10017  
Direct Telephone:  212-984-7709
Facsimile:  212-972-9150
Email:  klau@wbcsk,com
Website: www.wbcsk.com



The Kaplan Law Office

Susan Kaplan
Ms. Kaplan represents students and faculty accused of sexual assault and Title IX violations and retaliation and she and her partner, Charles Caranicas, have extensive experience in state and federal courts litigating discrimination actions.  She has helped resolve and settle Title IX controversies and has won a preliminary injunction against a professional school’s suspension of a student just weeks before he was to graduate.

Prior to being a lawyer, Ms. Kaplan, who holds a PhD, was the founder and Director of the Institute Honors Program at the Virginia Military Institute, where she also counseled and represented students accused of violating the college’s iconic honor code. As such, she brings a unique perspective to campus disciplinary actions.  

Ms. Kaplan has spoken at various symposia about the legality of Title IX, including the Joint National Conference of the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA), the Second Annual Symposium on Representing Students Accused of Sexual Assault, and addressed fallacies and biases in Title IX tribunals at SAVE’s panel on Campus Sexual Assault: Bringing an End to Second-Class Justice  (link to video)

30 Wall St. 8th Floor, New York, NY 10005
Email: skaplan@lawkaplan.com
Cell:  347.683.2505
Website:  www.lawkaplan.com




Mark M. Hathaway - Partner
Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972 is a federal law prohibiting gender discrimination against students and employees of educational institutions. Specifically, Title IX provides that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn can provide you with a skilled Title IX attorney.

Under this law, colleges, universities and high schools may be sued for sex discrimination, commonly for failure to provide equal treatment of men’s and women’s sports teams. The law also allows a victim of sexual harassment or assault—allegedly perpetrated by a fellow student, professor or university staff member—to sue the school for failure to adequately address issues of safety or investigate a claim.

888 West Sixth Street, Fourth Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Telephone: (213) 688-0460
Facsimile: (213) 624-1942
E-Mail: mhathaway@werksmanlaw.com
Web:    www.WerksmanJackson.com



McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., LPA

Susan C. Stone
Kristina W. Supler

The lawyers in McCarthy Lebit’s Education practice group have extensive experience successfully representing college students in Title IX claims both on and off campus. Our attorneys work with students facing Title IX claims and issues relating to sexual assault and intimate partner violence on campus. We have experience with situations where criminal charges are pending and a coordinated defense is necessary. Our team understands not only the sensitivity of these matters, but the effect that the outcomes will have on our clients’ futures. We work tirelessly to obtain the best results possible for our clients and take the time to advise our clients on the most appropriate measures to take throughout the process to ensure their future success. In order to provide our clients with the elite team of lawyers they deserve, we work closely with other practice areas in our firm. We often call on our Criminal Defense attorneys to handle any criminal matters related to campus proceedings and utilize our background in special education law when students suffer from various disabilities. Our lawyers regularly blog on the sexual misconduct issues students can face at school. Click on the following link to read our education law blog

101 W. Prospect Ave., Suite 1800, Cleveland, OH 44115
Office: 216-606-1422
Website: www.mccarthylebit.com
Email: Susan C. Stone
Email: Kristina W. Supler



The Law Office of Steve Graham

Steve Graham has been practicing law since 1995, and he is a former elected prosecutor.  His firm has handled administrative hearings for students facing expulsion at a variety of public and private universities in Washington state. He is currently the lead counsel in a court action against Washington State University. Mr. Graham has been invited by his local bar association to train other lawyers about the laws applying to Title IX expulsion hearings.

1312 N Monroe #140, Spokane WA 99201
Email: steve@grahamdefense.com
Office: (509) 252-9167
Website: www.grahamdefense.com