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Families Advocating for Campus Equality

The mission of FACE is to advocate for equal treatment and due process for those affected by sexual misconduct allegations on campus and to support those students and their families through outreach and education.

Alison Scott 

Shelley Sternad Dempsey, attorney and FACE parent: A member of the Connecticut, District of Columbia and U.S. Supreme Court bars, Shelley earned her undergraduate degree in International Relations from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and her Juris Doctor at the American University Washington College of Law where she was a member of the Law Review.  

In her professional career, Shelley first practiced regulatory law at the Federal Communications Commission and then practiced as a regulatory associate attorney for Chadbourne, Parke, Whiteside and Wolf (now known as Chadbourne Parke) in Washington DC. She represented firm clients before several regulatory agencies including, the FCC, EPA, FERC and covered Congressional hearings on Capital Hill. She then retired to raise four sons and devoted time to volunteering for several non-profit and educational organizations where she served in Executive leadership roles and on several Boards of Directors.  

Currently, Shelley also sits on the Board of A Better Chance of Wilton, CT where she is the Director of College Counseling and Coaching for its scholars. 

Shelley joined FACE in 2014 as a result of her concern for the due process rights of college students who are accused of sexual misconduct and the need for reform of Campus Disciplinary Procedures, including Title IX Investigations and subsequent Campus Disciplinary Board hearings. She advocates for the rights of students on Capital Hill and has also “lobbied” against the recently enacted Affirmative Consent law passed in the Connecticut Legislature.

Joseph Roberts is a military veteran. He has ten years of diverse experience in transportation, military, and hospitality industries. Joseph believes in service-based leadership, demonstrated through active involvement with FACE. When summarized by his top five Gallup Strengths, Joseph is a futuristic positive WOO that’s a strategic activator. Rounded out with a prowess for film and photographic arts.

Justin Dillon, attorney and partner at KaiserDillon PLLC  has successfully represented students in campus disciplinary matters and has deep experience in higher education cases, focusing on procedural errors in how schools handle the disciplinary process. His firm has written about them in several major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. According to Justin, “As someone who has seen firsthand how colleges routinely trample the rights of accused students in campus sexual assault cases, I am honored to join FACE’s Board of Advisors and help it advocate for due process for everyone in these cases.”

Andrew Miltenberg, attorney and a founding partner of Nesenoff & Miltenberg, LLP.   A veteran trial lawyer, he concentrates his practice on complex commercial litigation and business torts, including partnership and shareholder disputes, real estate litigation, construction litigation and fraudulent conveyance/alter ego and successor liability litigation. Andrew also regularly handles defamation litigation, First Amendment litigation and Internet-related matters. Recently, he has become one of a handful of “go-to” lawyers championing the Title IX rights of students expelled or suspended from universities.

According to him, “The real tragedy here is that some of the best and the brightest of our young men are watching helplessly, as their hopes and aspirations suffer tragically at the hands of a process that is at best, grossly irresponsible and at worst, a knowing assault on the principle of due process and fairness.  FACE is giving a voice to this issue and open arms to wrongly accused young men and their parents.”

Andrew dedicates his spare time to his wife, Jen, his three children, Isabel, Jacob and Ava and Jack the Dog.

Allison Strange:Ms. Strange’s affiliation with FACE  is the result of her son’s February 2012 expulsion from Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama) under false accusations of rape by his former girlfriend. Blindsided by the absurdity of the process to which he was subjected and the blatant disregard for his constitutionally-guaranteed right to due process, Allison and her son, Joshua seek to affect change in the way college administrators handle serious criminal matters to ensure equal treatment and legal accountability by the accuser, the accused, the investigators, and the college tribunal members. In December 2013, an opinion article published in the Wall Street Journal chronicled Josh’s story. Allison serves as Vice-President of  FACE  and is on its Board of Directors.

Sherry Warner-Seefeld,  educator and FACE parent:  Through speaking, writing, and lobbying Sherry continues to draw attention to troubling occurrences of false accusations and the dangers inherent in the use of the “preponderance of evidence” standard during college hearings of sexual misconduct allegations. Sherry’s son, Caleb was falsely accused of sexual assault at the University of North Dakota and she waged a tenacious and lengthy battle which ultimately led to UND vacating all sanctions levied against her son.

Sherry and her son appeared on Al Jazeera’s America 2013 segment, “Sex Crimes on Campus.” She participated in a national radio campaign sponsored by SAVE (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments),including interviews on the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show, the Mike McConnell Show, and WGN’s “Free Talk Live.” She also presented at the International Students of Liberty Conference.

Sherry has held governance and leadership positions in several local, state, and national education associations. She serves as President of FACE.

Cynthia Garrett, attorney:  Having lobbied against both California’s affirmative consent law and similar federal laws, Cynthia became involved with FACE after learning about college students facing biased disciplinary panels and arbitrary expulsion due to alleged sexual assault.  A member of the California bar, she earned her undergraduate degree from Rollins College in Florida and Juris Doctor at the University of San Diego School of Law where she was a published member of the Law Review and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Cynthia worked as a social worker for a few years before entering law school and practiced civil litigation for several years before retiring to raise three children. During that time, she was a school volunteer and served on the boards of two nonprofits focused on foster children.

Cynthia became involved with  FACE  after learning about college students facing biased disciplinary panels and arbitrary expulsion based on expansive definitions of sexual assault and requiring only the lowest standard of proof.  She has lobbied against California’s affirmative consent law and similar federal laws, has been quoted in articles on the subject, and has authored articles on lawsuits filed by college students claiming to have been falsely accused.

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