Following the onslaught of institutional, political, and social media hype about college sexual assault and the litany of lawsuits filed against colleges by both accusers and the accused, state and federal lawmakers have jumped into the “rape culture” quagmire and authored laws on both sides of the issue. From California’s “Affirmed Consent” law and the feds proposed “Campus Accountability and Safety Act” (CASA) to North Carolina’s law that protects an accused student’s right to counsel and North Dakota’s bill to allow students faced with disciplinary hearings the right to counsel, legislative lines are being drawn.

FACE advocates for the protection of constitutional rights of due process and the right to counsel,  carefully considering all pertinent state and federal legislation.  Following are current state and federal proposals and enacted laws with commentary and opinions from legal experts and student rights advocates. For the most up-to-date information regarding legislation, please be sure to check the news and commentary on our Home page.

Sherry Warner-Seefeld, one of FACE’s founders and its president testified before the state legislature in support of North Dakota’s SB 2150 which includes the guarantee of a student’s right to legal counsel able to fully participate in disciplinary hearings in the event they are accused of serious misconduct. 

FACE urges you to write letters to your state and federal legislators and provides letter templates you can use on the Write Letters page of this website.


California SB 967

Opposition to California's SB 967 - Cynthia P. Garrett, attorney and FACE parent

Young Californian Men Beware: You Could be Branded a Rapist - Ashe Schow

North Carolina

North Carolina Becomes First State to Guarantee College Students’ Right to Attorney –

Fifty Shades of Grey vs. Campus Sexual Misconduct Policies – Cynthia P. Garrett, attorney and FACE parent

North Dakota

North Dakota Senate Bill 2150

Sherry Warner-Seefeld’s Testimony before the North Dakota Legislature

Student discipline bill gets first hearing in N.D. legislature – John Hageman


VA House bill proposes public students’ right to counsel, Natalie Schulhof, Fourth Estate

(Proposed) Virginia Right to Counsel Bill Tabled, Joseph Cohn

Proposed Federal Legislation and Guidelines

Safe-Campus Act 2015

S. 2692 Campus Accountability and Safety Act (Proposed)

Some Takes on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act – Charlotte Hays,

The following is not proposed legislation but is a federal guidance document from the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault - January 2015

Building Partnerships among Law Enforcement Agencies, Colleges, and Universities


College Students Deserve the Right to Hire Counsel in Expulsion, Joseph Cohn

Young Californian Men Beware: You Could be Branded a Rapist, Ashe Schow

Opposition to California’s SB 967 – Cynthia P. Garrett, attorney and FACE parent

Some Takes on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act – Charlotte Hays,


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