Families Advocating for Campus Equality
Families Advocating for Campus Equality

Results Driven Process

Behind every FACE, a story.


The mother of an accused student who experienced a result-driven disciplinary process: 


In March my son received an email from the assistant dean of students telling him to read an attached letter and to read the instructions to meet with her. The letter stated that he was accused by two girls of violating the Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention and Response Policy.

It was Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The incidences in question happened on separate nights 18 months prior to the accusation. There was no investigation and the hearing was scheduled about three weeks later. He was not allowed copies of the complaints but was able to take notes on them. Three days before the hearing he was informed that it would be two hearings and that any materials were due by the morning of the day before the hearing. The day before the hearing he was informed that there were revisions from the girls’ complaints (ended up being text messages supporting his statements) and more witness statements (from people who only heard the story from the accusers).

Our son was in class and rehearsal all day so he did not review any information prior to the hearings. He had the right to an advisor to accompany him to the hearing but they were to have no active role. He was to defend himself against two accusers who repeatedly called him a serial rapist and a danger to the community. Even though in the first case there was clear evidence that his accuser was the instigator, he was found responsible and suspended. Then an hour and a half later he was to defend himself against another accuser calling him a serial rapist. She referenced the first hearing in her opening statement. Even though she remained friendly with him for months after the event, they had never had sex and no police or security were ever involved, he was found responsible again and expelled due to the suspension from the morning hearing.

We feel that the accusation was the verdict and that he had no chance whatsoever. I will never understand why it is automatically assumed if a girl and a guy hook up while drinking that the guy was a predator and assaulted her. What if the girl asked to have sex with him? What if they went to her place - would that mean that she sexually assaulted him? It’s absurd.

If someone can claim sexual assault with this low of a burden of proof and no attorneys are allowed active roles you might as well expel 75% of the male population. It’s not right. It’s not fair. 


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