With increasing frequency, innocent college students are being expelled from their universities after being falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

•There is no due process or presumption of innocence on college campuses.

•If another student files a sexual misconduct complaint against you, call your parents. Do not try to fight these allegations alone! Hire an attorney ASAP. Do not, under any circumstances, speak to a college representative without legal counsel.

•The school DOES NOT have your best interest at heart, only theirs!

•If the school investigators feel that there is even a slight chance that your accuser might be telling the truth, you will almost certainly be suspended or expelled.

•If your accuser had any alcohol at all, you will most likely be expelled. In the university’s eyes, alcohol may negate any consent to sexual activity.

•Sexual misconduct as defined on campus covers a wide range of behaviors. Basically anything that a student later regrets doing or considers offensive can be framed as sexual misconduct.

•Families Advocating for Campus Equality can provide useful resources. This is not a male/female issue. Any student can be falsely accused.

•Every student is deserving of fairness and due process, care and compassion.

Families Advocating for Campus Equality

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The mission of FACE is to advocate for equal treatment and due process for those affected by sexual misconduct allegations on campus and to support those students and their families through outreach and education.