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BREAKING: Education Secretary Considers Reversing Campus Rape Guidance

Dedicated to the advancement of equal protection and due process of law for all students in a college system.


Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE) is a 501(c)(3) organization which supports families of students denied fairness and due process in campus disciplinary proceedings.

FACE believes that under present campus procedures, neither those who allege or those who are accused of sexual violence are adequately served. FACEprovides resources, support, and information to students and families who are impacted by the adjudication of campus sexual violence complaints.  Through its efforts,FACE seeks to raise awareness of and bring balance to a currently skewed campus justice system.

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Families Advocating for Campus Equality

The mission of FACE is to advocate for equal treatment and due process for those affected by sexual misconduct allegations on campus and to support those students and their families through outreach and education.